Frank Demme

a distance long

and the journey continues

I first heard the words, felt the rhythm and hummed along with the songs and harmonies emanating from the radio behind the deli-counter of the family's Superette in Buffalo NY, long before I reached the age of reason.  Soon uprooted and relocated to Southern CA , I came into  possession of a 1963 Fender Stratocaster.  And in later years had several occasions  to make the acquaintance of and work with Leo Fender himself. 

But in the meantime there were the early bands and right out of high school got the first record deal at age 18 with Hanna Barbera Records.  Then on to DOT Records and several other labels, releasing several songs.  More importantly receiving an education in the production and processes of making records and learning the intricacies of the recording studio.  With experience and knowledge the journey continued, it's a distance long.

Over time I drove the bassline through several bands:  Sweet Pain on United Artists Records, The Frisco Kids demos for A&M records, RockRose on CBS Records and Small Talk on MCA Records, as well as several studio dates in LA.  Even had the opportunity to back and sing with  a few legends along the way.

At this bend in the road, now well beyond the age of reason, I have released my first solo effort.  It stories the journey, a thoughtful, hopeful, fun pop/rock fusion for the road ahead with much more to come.